Monday, 7 March 2016

Swimming lessons Term 1 - 2016

Swimming at Graham Condon 
Recreation and Sports Centre, Papanui.

Not only are we looking to improve our swimming skills we are also learning to manage ourselves, making sure that we remember our swim kit and pop our clothes and shoes safely in our bags whilst we are in the pool. 

We listened carefully to our Tutor's instructions.

Some of us practised holding our breath under water!

We also found time to pose for some photos before our lessons commenced.

"I like racing my friends." - Lexi 
"I like doing arm circles." - Bethany

"I like doing the caterpillar." - Felicity
"I like diving." - Olivia

"Swimming lengths is fun." - Cleo
"I like doing the survival stroke." - Matthias

"I like using the equipment in the water." - Harrison

"I like my swimming teacher, he let me swim through the hoop." - Zoe

" I like going into the deep end." - William
"I like diving into the water." - Joseph

Aidan loves his swimming.
"I really like it, I really like it!!" - Aidan

Swimming is also tiring. Sleep well everyone!

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