Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Cultural festival 2016 - Visual Art - Totem Poles

Visual Art today 

Making our Totem Poles for the Cultural Festival

Today we had a full day working on our Totem poles in preparation for the Cultural Festival. Our students came in very excited and full of enthusiasm. Many had been saving boxes, card, fabric, egg cartons and many more things that would normally be thrown away or put into the recycling bin. These were all put to good use today, having previously drawn out plans and made notes as to what we needed.

Below are some photos of the children beavering away. 
Thank you to all those who provided paper, card board and other items for all the children to use, it was very much appreciated. Not all of our designs were finished at the end of the day but we had a fun and productive day.

Some used tissue paper.

Some students used coloured paper.


Many students used paint, this design was inspired by the sea and the birds that can be seen there.

Do you like our Kiwi design?

Bottle tops were used to create eyes and beaks and arms were moulded out of tin foil and covered in masking tape ready for paper mache.

One group used fabric.

 Mrs Simanu joined in with the painting.

Thank you all for your positive attitudes. Sleep well after our tiring day. 
More photos of our finished designs to follow.

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