Thursday, 15 December 2016

Skoolbo 1

Our Children are going crazy over Skoolbo!!

Skoolbo is a program designed to help students master reading and basic numeracy. It is accessible to everyone and 100% FREE! 
All students in Years 3/4 have been provided an account that grants them full use both at home and school. 
There is no advertising on Skoolbo and there are no in app purchases. Children are NOT able to communicate on Skoolbo and there is NO possibility of unsafe interactions.

We began using Skoolbo with a trial group back in September. The group of students involved thought that it would be an excellent idea to have Skoolbo available to all Year 3/4 students as well as Studyladder.

The games last for 60 seconds providing an intense learning period where the children are 100% focused. It is recommended that students work on Skoolbo for 15-20 minutes a day.

Initially there is a pretest in both literacy and numeracy and the program continues to reassess competence after each game. The program selects a blend of new content, not yet mastered content and revision content for the next game. 

Below are a number of photos that show the features of the program.

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