Wednesday, 29 March 2017

This weekend is the First Reconciliation for the year four children. Could everyone keep these children in their thoughts and prayers as they receive this Sacrament.

Just a few reminders:
AT:  St Gregory's Church at Cotswold Ave in Bishopdale.
 ON: Sunday,  the 2nd of April at 1.30 pm.
There is plenty of parking around the other side of the church off Colesbury Street.

·       please ensure all lessons are finished and put in the tray in porch of St. Francis of Assisi church before that day.
·       The children are to bring their green card to help them with the liturgy and as reminder of the Act of Contrition.
·       Could parents please remember to take their child up to a priest when they are ready, introduce them to the priest and then return to their seat.

If you have any concerns just let me know Thanks Helen

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