Thursday, 26 October 2017

Book Week

Next week is Bookweek

Monday 30th October- Friday 3rd November 2017

Scholastic Book Fair
The Scholastic Book Fair will be open before school (Monday– Friday)  between 8.30am and 9.00am and again between 2.45-3.15pm (Monday—Thursday) and 2.14pm-3.00pm  on Friday in the Library.  Paiaka Hub will be going Tuesday to make a ‘wish List” that will then go home to the parents.  All profits will go towards buying new books for the school library. There will also be an option for families to buy a book and donate it to library.  Each book will have an inscription  inside saying who donated it to the library.

You are invited…..  
Grandparents Afternoon– Grandparents are invited to come to school and read their favourite book to their Grandchild and possibly  a small group of children. This activity is not limited to Grandparents– children may have an older ‘Friend’ or grandparent figure they may wish to ask.
 When:– Thursday 2nd November at 2.15pm         
Where:– St Francis of Assisi School in your grandchild’s classroom.
      Please bring a favourite book from your
      childhood, or a favourite of yours to read to your  Grandchild.   

Friday 3rd November
Dress up as a Book Character day and Pavement art.
Children dress up as their favourite book character day and join the parade on the netball court.  Afterwards we will decorate the school pavement with chalk as we draw our favourite book characters.

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