Monday, 15 October 2018


For our PBL over the next 4 weeks, the children will be making photo frames with me. I would really love if you could bring in a 6x4 photo that they could use to put in the frame. Also if they have any things from home that they would like to stick on them they are more than welcome to bring these in. I have quite a collection of bits and bobs for them to use but if you have any buttons, ice cream sticks, beads etc that you do not want anymore I would be very grateful.
Thanks, Tracey.

Thursday, 11 October 2018

Welcome Back

Hope everyone is having some relaxing family time these holidays.
Last term was awesome, ending with us showcasing all our hard work with our performance of Maui and the Sun. Many thanks for all your help and support in that venture!

We will be continuing on developing the children’s creativity skills this term by focusing on innovation and entrepreneurial skills. The skills of entrepreneurship are great life skills, which our students will need in the ever-changing 21st century. With that in mind this term, we aim to nurture the next generation of doers and dreamers. This will be done through children creating structured design briefs, to create products and then sell them in a school wide market. (Tuesday Week 8) The profits will be used to pay it forward to people in need.

The skills needed will be taught across all areas of learning:
In writing, we will be looking at persuasive language and how to advertise and promote our new products.
Visual language will help the children with packaging and advertising.
In mathematics, students will need to problem solve to set a price for their products making sure they have a profit margin.

In Religious Education, we will be developing the children’s skills and attitudes related to different forms of prayer. This will be done through exposing the children to traditional prayers, scriptures, music, liturgical and imaginative prayers.

With last term, being so busy with swimming and the performance some of the hub’s routines slipped however, we will be back on track this term with reading and basic facts four nights a week.
Term 4 is summer uniform.
Running shoes are not part of school uniform but can be worn in the breaks.
Full sport uniform needs to be at school everyday.
If for any reason, your child has no sport or school shoes, just send a note or email.
Make sure your child has everything they need for their learning for example uniform and stationary.

Looking forward to another great term!
If you have any concerns, feel free to email your home base teacher.
Kind regards
Helen, Nicola, Anna and Tracey

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Social Justice Week - Korowai

For Social Justice Week, the children in Paiaka Hub learnt about how each and every one of us has their own special talents and gifts. Each feather on the korowai (cloak) is decorated with the child's name and the special talent that they have.

Below is a picture of some of the students holding the korowai. We have gifted the cloak to the school and it has been placed in the entrance way of the administration block - so pop in and see the amazing work the children have done. 

Hui Awards Week 8

Hui Awards 
Week 9
Millie, Caoimhe,Julian,Benjamin,Gabrielle, Bronson,Leo A, Lily M

Great to see good hard workers in the hub.

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Performance Fun!

The children in Paiaka have been practising hard and enjoying the process of learning their parts for the performance in Week 10. They have been rehearsing daily, singing morning and afternoon and we know that they are going to shine on the day.

Below are a few sneak peaks taken during today rehearsal.