Sunday, 11 October 2020

Paiaka sharing their Project Based Learning

 This term Paiaka students have been learning all about Electricity and the different ways it can be generated. They chose a renewable source of electricity to research and present as a way of the future.

Their driving question was "What can we do to make sure that Electricity is part of our future?"

On the last Thursday of term, Paiaka students presented to each other and to Tumu students.

Click on the picture to see photos of the fabulous work they have produced.

Monday, 21 September 2020

Principal and Hui Certificates


Week 9 Hui Certificates: 

Indi, Francesca, Louka, Christian, Olivia D and Micah. 

Week 9 Principal Certificates:

Freya, Alexi, Sean, Claire, Eva, Harper P, Leo, Archie

Week 8 Hui Certificates: 

Kevin, Madison, Ollie, Ari, Lucy B, Jules, Tiannah, Monica

Week 8 Principal Certificates:

Oscar, Ainsley, Ava W, Tom, Olivia H, Kiriana, Alexis, Kellan, Sophie

Sunday, 20 September 2020

Ukulele Children Perform

The children who go to Ukulele Club on Wednesday performed for Paiaka at our Hui on Friday. They sound great! Miss Lover and Mr Clark are enjoying themselves too. Well done to Mrs Roach for the time she puts into Ukulele Club. 

Scratch Art

For Art on Fridays, we have been using oil pastles and tooth picks to create a Scratch Art Piece. We used oil pastles to create a coloured pattern. We then painted black over the top of this, leading to using tooth picks to scratch out a geometric patten. 

Friday, 4 September 2020

Paiaka Hub Happenings..

Paiaka students have been working hard on their learning. 

Below are some photos of the children learning new skills ICT skills, and with a focus on being Cybersmart. 

For Poetry, we have been learning different language features to make our writing sparkle. Below Paiaka 1 are describing a marshmallow using our senses. 

The children involved in problem-solving this week are learning about the Area and Perimeter. We went outside and measured different objects in our school. We had to measure the Basketball Court!

Stay tuned for our blog posts about God's Creation. Please comment on them. 

We enjoy getting to know the other children across the school in our Whānau groups. This is Kahurangi house in action. 


This week we had Father Thanh visit, it was great to be able to ask him lots of different questions. 


Tuesday, 11 August 2020

Week Three of Learning in the Paiaka Hub

Wow what a great week of learning we have had in the Paiaka hub. Tuesday started off with some lunchtime Wheel fun, run by the Year 7's. The kids who participated had a great time. 

One of our goals for reading is to participate in 20 minutes of silent reading. We tested this out on Wednesday. Look at the level of focus on their faces, go team!

In PBL we have been looking at how we can ensure electricity is part of our future? For the first three weeks children have been around 4 rotations focusing on solar, hydro, electric currents and wind. Check out some of the kids learning below. They have designed solar powered cars, made wind turbines, operated electric circuits and looked closely at a hydro dam. 

As part of our learning program on Friday, the children take part in a Friday rotation. The Year 3's take part in ICT with Miss Smith-Palmer and art with Mrs Roach. The Year 4's complete Cyber Smart with Miss Lover and Mark and art with Miss Gill. Check out their awesome work below.